Team Building And Problem Solving

We live in one of the most divided times in our history, and Roane County has been divided six ways for decades. Bringing people together, working toward consensus, and finding common ground is the only way to move forward to tackle some of our most pressing issues. Wade has demonstrated a long history of consensus-building in challenging circumstances at work and in the community. Growing partnerships across the county and other government agencies is key to Roane County’s future.

Responsible Fiscal Management

Any solution toward progress will require the county to be on a solid financial footing with a qualified and experienced leader to ensure the county plans, executes, and evaluates the expenditure of tax dollars. Wade is the only suitable candidate with an education in business and experience as an executive ready to manage Roane County’s $110 million annual budget responsibly and in full compliance with local, state, and federal law.

Economic Growth

Roane County’s tax rate is essential to all tax-paying citizens. The most effective way to bring the rate in line with neighboring counties is to grow and diversify the local economy. We must carefully plan and control growth to maintain the identities of each of our communities. Investments in industrial sites, critical infrastructure, and incentives for local job creation can expand the tax base while preserving our small-town cultures. Promoting planned growth is paramount to the county’s future.

Public Education

Funding for Roane County Schools constitutes 53% of the county’s budget-making any changes that result from school-related issues important to all of us. While the County Executive does not govern school related issues or have final approval on the annual budget, working with the Director of Schools and helping the County Commission find common ground with the School Board will be important to creating more educational opportunities for our students.

Law Enforcement

Roane County’s law enforcement community has worked under adverse conditions that we would find difficult to imagine. They deserve our support and equitable working conditions relative to their peers in neighboring communities. Maintaining compliance with state law regarding jail certification will be a high priority for the county to avoid a mandate to construct new facilities.

Customer Service

While dealing with local government agencies is necessary, it is usually not our preferred way to spend the day. Emphasizing quality service from all county agencies to the taxpayers will always be a priority to Wade. Ensuring that the departments within the County Executive’s Office approach all issues brought to us by citizens with a solutions-first mindset is vital to help people navigate unfamiliar county processes.

Litter Control

Roane County is one of the most beautiful places in the state, with hundreds of miles of lakefront, yet, our roadways and shorelines are seen littered with trash. It is important to Wade to create a coordinated effort to remove litter and maintain clean areas throughout the county. To tackle such a vast area on an ongoing basis would require a combination of employees and volunteers.c